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The Seaprobe DT Combined Sidescan & Sub-Bottom System is a field-proven deep tow system which collects sidescan sonar and sub-bottom profiler data for a wide range of applications in water depths up to 2500m.

The SeaProbe DT is a fully integrated combined sidescan and sub-bottom system and is fitted with a 100/340kHz dual simultaneous frequency sidescan which provides a combination of high resolution and extended range performance. A high power sub-bottom profiler with adjustable frequency output offers increased penetration with impressive resolution imagery.

The SeaProbe DT Towfish is a digital and extremely robust platform designed for hydrodynamic stability for improved tow performance in challenging conditions. The Multilink System provides a high bandwidth digital telemetry link over a single coaxial cable of up to 6000m in length for two-way communication between the topside and the SeaProbe DT. The system also supports a transparent communications link for additional sensors such as magnetometer, gradiometer, USBL responder, sound velocity and INS to provide a versatile survey tool.

The Multilink Sonar Processor is a powerful workstation running the new MonitorPlus data acquisition and replay software. The software provides enhanced display of the sidescan and sub-bottom data, along with an extensive range of online QC features, including a choice of recording formats to support direct compatibility to industry standard post-processing software suites.

MonitorPlus Software Features

  • Sidescan & Sub-Bottom data acquisition and
    replay software
  • Data recording in SES and CODA file formats
  • Waterfall display of sidescan data
  • Horizontal scrolling of sub-bottom data
  • Auto bottom tracking function
  • Auto, Manual and RAW display gain manipulation
  • FFT frequency analysis and filtering of
    sub-bottom data
  • Analogue printer output with annotation
  • Navigation input from NMEA, CODA or custom strings
  • WYS (What-You-See) jpeg file output for electronic paper records

Key Features

  • Fully integrated sidescan & sub-bottom profiler system
  • Powerful workstation with MonitorPlus
    acquisition software
  • Digital telemetry over 6000m single coaxial cable
  • Operation in water depths up to 2500m
  • Multilink system for integration of additional survey sensors
  • Factory fitted pressure sensor and compass

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